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Photographs preserve our memories, our history, our family & friends. They are passed on to our children and, like fine wine, will be cherished more with age. They can bring tears to our eyes and smiles to our faces. Our lives are captured in these images.


Please contact me at or 763-250-1143 to schedule your photography experience or if you have any questions.

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

New Pricing Menu!

I have been studying not only photography skills, equipment, and Photoshop but also a lot of general business management techniques as well.  Since I am still fairly new at running this business there has been a lot of trial and error.  I have spent many, many hours trying to figure out my pricing and designing a Product Menu that is easy to follow and that contains photo examples of the different types of products I offer.

All of the experts say to have your pricing at level "x" and to never, ever go below that.  But, as I looked at my price list it has bothered me.  We are in a recession after all and I am also in my first year of business.

After much deliberation and discussion with Reid I am proud to present a whole new pricing schedule to the world!  I think it is much more in line with the area I live in, my experience level, and basic ideas of reasonableness.  Blah, blah, blah.

So, here it is!  Please pass this on to your friends and family and remember I always offer a referral bonus for both you and anyone whom you refer who books a session with me!

The Product Menu will always be available at the top of my blog on the page labeled "Product Menu & Pricing"


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